Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ever wonder what I'm doing in school?

some people do!! (not Pete -- he's so steeped in it that the other day when I nearly laughed BBQ sauce out my nose he said, 'it's not my fault you can't get a proper seal on your velopharyngeal port')

This evening (during my 6-8:30pm class - blech) I have to turn in the study design of a research proposal. The clinical question I'm seeking to answer is:

Does "Aural Rehabilitation" in the form of perceptual auditory training with pre-lingually deaf adult cochlear implant users improve their speech recognition ability?
- I know I'll have to more clearly define 'improve' (will it be by test scores, quality of life, generalization to everyday tasks?) but it's a work in progress....


pete said...

Is there a national blog post commenting month? Where you try to comment on every daily blog post of someone participating in naBloPoMo?

I must admit that after reading your post, I don't know any more about what you're doing in school than I knew before. (it's way over my head...)

Pocket said...

duuude...you sound so SMART! I have no idea what you're trying to research, but it sure is fun to read your question out loud as quickly as possible!

I think I'll to the NaBloPoMo...it sounds fun! I'm glad you're blog is back. I've missed it terribly.

Tammy said...

I have no clue either - but enjoy reading your daily posts :) only 27 more to go :)