Sunday, November 08, 2009

He's a Pinball Wizard

Last night we went to Newport (pretty much Cincinnati for you non-locals) to celebrate Sylvain's 30th Birthday!! Rachael pulled out all the stops and hosted an awesome evening!! We all gathered at Game Works for a pinball tournament and food and cake and prizes. As is fitting, Sylvain won the tournament - though I only got a picture of him playing air hockey - which he also won.
the birthday boy!

First round of the tournament, Pete was up against Joyce (Rachael's mom)
she definitely had the hometown advantage with the WHOLE family there to cheer her on,

but luckily Pete pulled it out in the end!!!

and Joyce was, of course, a gracious loser. :)

Then it was time for the delicious cake!! Rachael made beautiful cake pinballs!!

and last, but not least, were the FABU prizes!!!

(not pictured: bubbles, bouncy putty, grow creatures)

Happy 30th Birthday Sylvain!!! Thanks for including us in your celebration!


Pocket said...

I love your pictures!! Can you email them to me? I want the one of Mom playing pinball and Mom and Pete, and the ones of you and Emily eating your cake. Thanks for coming! We had so much fun!

Pocket said...

Nevermind, I just pulled them off of your blog. Fun times!

Tammy said...

such fun! love the candy bracelet too