Monday, November 02, 2009


so it's national blog posting month and I've registered to post every single day for a month. I'm already thinking of potential snags with this (thanksgiving, etc) but thought it might be fun to try. I hardly ever write on my blog anymore, because school has me so busy, so some days I might write only a few lines, but stay tuned and we'll see what happens!


pete said...

you can blog from your blackberry easily enough, so holidays, etc. should be no excuse.
But.. If you blog every day, even when you have nothing to say... Might it get you in the habit of blogging... but get everyone else in the habit of ignoring your blog?
(you gotta try to say something interesting every day...)

Tammy said...

good luck with it...FB has sucked the life out of blogging for me - but I still try to get something at least once a month. oh well

Pocket said...

Hooray!! I'm so glad you're going to blog every day because I miss your blog terribly. I did not know it was blog month and you know I'm stoked about it. Might try to do it myself as well!