Friday, November 27, 2009

the way back time machine

Aunt Susie asked Pete when we got here if he would help her find some new shoes to wear when she exercises. And Corky wanted to get a new pair as well because he wants to start running to improve his cycling in the spring. So we headed out this afternoon to the Runners Shop where Uncle Richard got all his shoes when he ran in high school and college (he's fifty now so it's been a few years).

It was the craziest/weirdest/funniest place!!! Mind you Pete is in the shoe industry and I used to be, but even Uncle Corky and Aunt Susie and Christine thought it was QUITE the find. It seems they still have the original inventory from when Richard shopped there years ago.

May I present, Exhibit No.1..........

Pete purchased four, I repeat FOUR of these!! One in a coordinating pink that I modeled for a picture later in the day but it's saved on Pete's phone so I can't access it. They're all official New Balance Apparel circa 1992. Stay tuned for New Balance Representative's next quarterly meeting when Pete and his buddies will be wearing these to the formal dinner.

And to hear the owner of the store haggling with Pete over the price ---- it was great!

Obviously we had to go somewhere else to find them some (current) shoes.

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