Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Our last sofa was delivered today, so all we are missing now from our original furniture order is the coffee table for the living room...we still need to order curtains, find an area rug and a piano, and hang some prints on the walls -- but this is serious progress!!!

I'll show the basement pictures first (because we've had the armchair, loveseat, and coffee tables for almost a month now)

this picture wall is on the left when you come down the stairs

Here are the living room pictures:

love, love, LOVE the pillows!

Sorry all the pictures are so dark (this is what happens when you take your pictures at night). And if you're Pete, seeing this furniture for the first time....yes I did move the bookshelf.


lesli said...

your house is so cute=)

ps ~ great job with nablopomo=)

Pocket said...

hip hip hooray!! that couch is fantastic!

Tammy said...

very nice :) love the picture wall too

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

oh my gosh. i'm going to steal those chairs and that couch! That fabric is uhhhmazing! GEEZZZZ! My jealousy is coming out. :)