Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Round and Round Chair

...has been resurrected!!!

The round and round chair has been around as long as I can remember (I'm certain it's older than I am). When my parents were moving from Texas at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, I came to Abilene to pick it up and we had it in our dorm room. I kinda think my brother was ticked that I got it, but we'll have to ask him (pete? any thoughts?).

I love reading in the round and round chair -- it's the perfect size to cuddle up in and read a novel, or a textbook. In our last house it lived in the t.v. room for a little while, and then in Pete's office when we got some 'real' furniture.

When we moved to this house it really didn't have a home anymore-- we got rid of all our college furniture and furniture that we inherited when we moved to this house. Except the round and round chair -- I couldn't part with it so it lived in my office when we first moved.

Then one day I was driving to work (via a new route) and passed by a store called Fabrications by M. I stopped in later that week to see if she could recover my favorite chair. She said sure! All I had to do was bring in a picture and pick out some fabric -- she'd call us when the fabric arrived and we could drop off the chair. When I brought in the chair I apologized for its condition - covered in dog hair (of Lord only knows how many generations of dogs), deteriorating from age, it wasn't exactly a nice chair to begin with.

BUT YOU SHOULD SEE IT NOW!!!! M just called an hour ago and I went to pick it up!!

So here's the before (when the room was lavender):

and here's the after(!) - in the now yellow room:

Don't you just love it?!?!?!

(I'm off to read all those articles waiting for me by the chair - hope you've been enjoying this lovely weekend!)


Tammy said...

very cool!! I always thought that chair was too cool. Can't wait to see your pics (I'm commenting for 2 posts) :D

Pocket said...

I love it! And that's the perfect spot for it, too! How cute!