Friday, November 06, 2009


it's almost tomorrow and I haven't blogged yet!!

we just got home from Christa's birthday party @ Ben and Emily's where there was Apples to Apples and Karaoke -- my kind of party.

this blog won't be too long because I just realized I didn't email my supervisor my session plans for next week yet (she's supposed to have them by noon on Friday) so I need to write those ASAP.

Today was a busy day -- worked in the morning, got a haircut this afternoon (just a trim, still growing it out) and had our annual session with Melanie this afternoon! We didn't know if there would be any leaves left on the trees this late in the year but we lucked out and had a nice fall-themed session.

In 4-5 weeks we'll have proofs to share!!!

that's it for now, I'm off to drink some tea and write session plans -- tomorrow night is Sylvain's 30th Birthday in Cincinnati. It's pinball-themed and I'm excited! I might be blogging from by Blackberry so stay tuned!

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