Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No Emma Pillsbury on Glee tonight! ....but a good episode nonetheless...

Pete leaves tomorrow for his whirlwind trip around the nation:

Thursday through Sunday he'll be in San Antonio. Sunday morning he will run the Rock N Roll Marathon. (as will our friend Ed from church choir in his first marathon -- go Ed!!) Monday morning Pete flies to Naples, Florida for his annual New Balance sales meeting. He will return to Lexington next Friday evening.


I'm a little nervous about being at home alone but I have a lot of schoolwork to keep myself busy and maybe will break out the Dance Dance Revolution and/or Wii Fit over the weekend. (also might get myself a massage and mani/pedi) The light at the end-of-the-semester tunnel is almost visible, just a few more papers and presentations until Thanksgiving Break!


Pocket said...

Hang in there, girl! Call me if you're lonely, or if you're just bored.

Emily said...

wow, i am so bad about checking in with blogs, but i randomly decided to read yours and rach's this moring and am so glad! A) i too, am OBSESSED with emma pillsbury and was saddened by her absense last night (truth be told, i bought 2 sweaters last night in her honor). B) i am always down for some dance dance revolution, so give me a call if you need a study break!