Sunday, November 15, 2009


Chances are he's already finished by the time you're reading this....but today (starting at 7:30am CST) Pete runs the San Antonio Marathon and hopefully earns a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon!!! Pete has been training really hard and very consistently, so I'm hoping he does it -- but it couldn't hurt for you to be sending good thoughts his way!!

UPDATE: Pete is halfway done (13.1 miles) with a time of 01:28:37!!

2nd UPDATE: Pete finished with a time of 3:28:13 (overall, a really good time, but not fast enough to qualify for Boston and quite a bit slower than his goal). Boo. I spoke with him afterward and he said it was a crash and burn situation, and that he was totally exhausted. Our good friend Ed finished with a time of 7:08:20 and had pretty bad leg cramps. Pete said they were going to get cleaned up and then eat guacamole until their eyes turned green!

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Pocket said...

Hooray for Pete-ums! We're rooting for him!